Why choose Knowledge360®?

Reason #1

You’ll be up and running within minutes

Knowledge360® is pre-populated with key information including news and press from 500,000+ online sources, social media, premium financial information, and more. While other solutions require implementation consultants and heavy up-front costs, Knowledge360® deploys robust data aggregation tools and dedicated onboarding assistance so your team can be up-and-running today.

turnkey solution

Reason #2

Eliminate inefficiencies

Knowledge360® makes it easy to visualize aggregated content from commercially available data sets as well as your internal data, making it all available at a glance in one place. Why waste time scouring the internet for tidbits of scattered information when you could be focused on analyzing structured information and producing actionable insights?

All in one solution for Time-savings and Increased Efficiency

Reason #3

Never miss another key insight

Knowledge360® aims to tell you what you don't know, as soon as possible. Lofty goal? Sure. If there's one thing we know, it's that decision-makers need to be informed of the newest and most valuable information as soon as it's available. Our goal is to automate as much of the discovery process as possible to empower you with the key insights you need to make smarter, faster decisions.

automated insights based on a variety of data and signals

Reason #4

Your feedback matters

Unlike most other products on the market, Knowledge360® is enhanced every few weeks based on user feedback. We are firmly committed to collecting user feedback and adapting our solution to meet the needs of our users. A software company that actually listens to their users and deploys advanced technology solutions through a modern user experience, what more could you ask for?

User-centric, frequent enhancements

What Our Customers Are Saying



"Cipher has been a wonderful partner and exactly the type of supplier we want to work with. The team is extremely responsive and really takes the time to engage and collect feedback to incorporate into enhancements. We have dealt with a lot of different data providers and vendors and look for suppliers like Cipher to support us."



"We truly value our long-term partnership with Cipher. We have relied heavily on their expertise and experience to build out our market insight capabilities to better effect strategic decision making. They had a clear understanding of our strategic needs and have helped us to prioritize our investments over time and grow in a smart manner."

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